So you want to dive into the fine art of worm-tea brewing? Great! Your plants will love you for it!

But in case you have never heard of worm tea โ€“ here a quick summary: Worm Tea is what you get when you turn your earthworm compost into a liquid fertilizer. You can imagine Worm Tea as being the number one power-cocktail for your plants. It is packed with microbes, nutrients and all the good stuff that will make your plants grow like crazy โ€“ and all in liquid, easily absorbable form. This makes it perfect for easy fertilization in your garden, helping very sensitive or damaged plants and giving your veggies a nice boost.

With a bit of practice and passion everyone can brew some world class worm-tea. So letโ€™s get started, shall we?

Step 1:

Fill 10 to 20 litres of water into a bucket. You can use rainwater or just water from the tap (but make sure to let the tap water stand in the sun for a couple of hours so that the chlorine in the water can evaporate).

Step 2:

Take a couple of handfuls of vermicompost, put them in an old sock or t-shirt or so (the sock will act as a “teabag”) and hang the sock with the vermicompost into the water.

This way the population of mircobes in the vermicompost can easily grow (those microbes are the little helpers that will really turn your garden into a green heaven).

You can also add some tablespoons of syrup to the mix to give the microbes some sugar to feast on.

You can also just add the vermicompost to the water – but if you want to use a spray bottle later on to apply the worm tea in your garden the tiny particles might be a problem and clog your pipe.

Step 3:

Let the bucket stand in a dark spot for around 24 hours. Give it a little stir from time to time.

Also, what REALLY makes a difference is when you have one of those aquarium pumps that creates air bubbles in the water. The oxygen will really help your microorganism population explode! The worm tea will probably not smell very nice, but trust me, your plants will love it!

Step 4:

Congratulations! You have successfully made your first batch of worm tea! Your plants will love you for the extra effort! Now go ahead and apply it to your garden using either a spray bottle or a watering can. What you can also try (if possible) is to add it to your watering system, so it is automatically applied in your garden!

The population of microbes will decrease after around 48 hours. So make sure you use the tea within around 3 days.

Step 5:

Track your results by taking before and after pictures of your plants. Then you can share your experience with me via email or drop a comment on our Facebook or Instagram page.ย  That would really mean the world to me ๐Ÿ™‚

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