What is Vertical Gardening?

Vertical gardening…sounds so fancy! But honestly, it is nothing more than using vertical space to grow plants!  This means on your square foot of unused space you can now plant up to 60 strawberry plants instead of one! Yaay!!

All you need to turn your small patch of backyard or an unused wall into a blooming, green piece of art is a bit of “junk” and some creative thinking!

Some advantages and disadvantages of vertical gardens:

  1. They take up less space: That makes them perfect if you live in a tiny apartment
  2. They need less water: In most cases, you water all of you plants at the same time, instead of watering them individually. This saves a lot of water!
  3. Fruits and Veggies are easier to harvest: Is there anything better than boatloads of fruit and veggies literally just hanging there for you to grab?
  4. After setting up they are easier to maintain: After you have built a vertical garden, they often don’t need that much work. Even taking care of the plants is often easier!
  5. They look amazing! I think the pictures speak for themselves!

But they also have some limitations:

  1. If you build your vertical garden too high, they can become difficult to manage
  2. The structure you build needs to be properly built so it can last a long time!
  3. If you buy new materials to build them, they are not quite as eco-friendly. BUT that might be okay – the benefits of vertical gardens are way greater!

That being said, vertical gardening is one of the most forgiving and flexible gardening systems. If you can already get a harvest from container gardens, vertical gardens are a great way to step up your game! Here are several ways you can try doing vertical gardening in your own home for the upcoming season.


Top 5 Innovative Vertical Gardening Ideas

Hanging Pots:

This is probably one of the easiest ways to go vertical! Just look for a good looking wooden pallet, then attach it to a wall or lean it against a wall, and hang some pots in there! Simple, easy and looks great!


Tower Gardens:

This is a great way to turn those old PVC pipes back in the garage into a true piece of green art!

We already thought about building those and offering them to the GreenPlanet Gardening family. So many projects we want to do! Well, if you are not the craftsperson, let me know via email and I can definitely help you out with this one!

Just imagine having like 40 strawberry plants in one of those towers!! That makes a great harvest!


Bottle Gardens:

This one is probably my favorite! Just think about it – how many plastic bottles do you use every week? Do you really want them to land on the landfill? Or rather use them for a good purpose?

PLEASE, if you live in some sort of apartment complex – why not turn one of those ugly walls into a great looking garden?


Pouch Garden:

This one is also fairly simple to do by yourself! You just need some gardening fabric (you can get that at your local garden center for sure), a wooden plate and a stapler.

Then, just make some pouches with the gardening fabric and secure them with the stapler onto the wooden plate, and voilà! You just made yourself a great looking vertical garden!


Wall Garden:

And finally, the wall garden!

On the picture, you can see a DIY one and a professionally made wall garden.

Just recently we started working together with Nature Bloom. They make REALLY great looking vertical gardens for you (see right picture above)! So definitely check them out!


That’s it…

Okay, here we go! Now you hopefully feel inspired to give vertical gardening a try. Either because it makes fruit and veggie gardening simpler, or simply because it looks amazing!

See you next week!


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