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How Green Planet Gardening started

Hey there!

Green Planet Gardening started in 2017 with a simple but effective idea of Victor Reisenauer. When he was just 17 years old, he became intrigued by the concept of taking something nobody wants (kitchen scraps, manure, gardening offcuts) and turning it into a precious and useful fertilizer.

The day the vision was born.

Victor’s ideas started to become more and more a reality, and he wanted to build up a company that helps people to not just grow a blooming garden, but a sustainable and natural garden too. A lot of compost that is sold in shops is not produced in a sustainable way; it uses a lot of carbon dioxide, and using manure to fertilize can harm the soil. We want gardens that are eco-friendly and actually help the environment, and so Green Planet Gardening was born!

Humble beginnings

Green Planet Gardening started using worms to produce a high quality, natural fertiliser. In a back yard, with just one box of worms the very first vermicompost was made. It went well, and together with the help of Christof Serrer the production was soon scaled up to 30 boxes! Christof’s mother, Gabi Serrer, sacrificed her whole backyard to house all these big boxes of worms. Early 2018 Christof unfortunately had to step out, as he was starting with his studies and Gabi took over his place. In August 2018 Green Planet Gardening moved from Gabi’s backyard to the Avis Stables.

The owner of the stables, Gert Keding, liked our idea and the idea was turned into a win-win situation! The stables get rid of their horse manure, and we use it as a base for both our composted horse manure and vermicompost.

Proudly promoting and selling our compost

Working compost at the Avis stables

A new chapter …

In 2019 Victor moved to Germany to focus on his studies, and Gabi picked up the reigns and has become the main driving force behind the business. And business goes well! You can find our Green Planet Gardening vermicompost now all over Namibia! Other products that help you to reduce waste also have been added.

At Green Planet Gardening we want to help build local community gardens that are 100% eco-friendly and bring the zero-waste movement into every garden out there. In a nutshell – At Green Planet Gardening we make our Planet greener one garden at a time. We hope you share our vision and we are happy to welcome you on our journey ahead!

The Team Today

Nice to meet you!

Gabi Serrer

Gabi Serrer


From its very beginnings, Gabi has been a huge supporter of the idea of Green Planet Gardening – helping with transportation and all the important contacts.  Gabi’s involvement increased over time, helping Christof, her son, with the early-stage backyard production.

Nowadays Gabi is the driving force behind the business. Her aim is to take Green Planet Gardening forward with even a stronger focus on the social purpose. When Gabi is not with her hands in the compost, she works as a freelance accountant.

Gideon and Shaanika

Gideon and Shaanika

Worm caretakers and compost production

Gideon and Shaanika both play a crucial role at Green Planet Gardening. Gideon has been working with Gabi since the move to the Avis stables, by looking after the worms and producing compost. When business started picking up, we were able to employ a second team member, Shaanika. Shaanika now takes care of the compost, and Gideon is head caretaker of the worms.




Mouse security guard

Elisabetha forms a very important part of the Green Planet Gardening team – she is our very special mouse security guard! She oversees the compost when we are not there and makes sure the mice do not gnaw their way into the boxes.

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