How do we intend to help you with your garden with a subscription service? How will that help you, your garden and your wallet? Why should you care?

I guess every gardener knows that struggle: “Ugh, I just did all my garden trimming. What should I do with all those offcuts? All those leaves? Well I guess I need to drop it at the landfill. So much work!”

This certainly is a lot of work (or costly if you let a landscaper do it). BUT, it doesn’t have to be!

In the future we will take care of this. Let me explain what our ideas are…and then you need to let me know what you think about it, deal?

Well, we know the struggle of moving around your biomass. We also know the struggle of buying and moving around compost for your garden. PLUS we know the struggle of having to throw away your organic kitchen scraps without recycling it (okay, okay – that might not actually be a struggle for many people. But we are quite conscious about the bad effect this has on our environment).

So we thought to ourselves – why not make a subscription service that takes care of all of this.  Our idea was to make a service that stops by at your home two times per week. We take care of all the kitchen scraps and gardening offcuts you may have and in return (depending on how much scraps we usually collect from you) we drop off some finished compost.

Additionally to the compost we would also deliver all other GreenPlanet Gardening products you ordered online and maybe surprise you with a goodie or two from time to time.

This subscription would go for a small monthly fee – but don’t worry, that will still be cheaper than doing it all by yourself.

This way everyone can take action and contribute to making your garden (and our planet) a greener and more sustainable place!

What do you think about this idea? We really need your feedback here!

Drop it in the comments below or shoot us an email!

And by the way, I recently wrote an article about how throwing our gardening offcuts onto the landfills does your wallet, your garden and our environment more harm than good – click here to read that.

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