What happens when you drop your gardening offcuts at the landfill? How does GreenPlanet Gardening compost make Namibia more sustainable? Why should you care?

Did you know that every month around 1400 cubic metres of gardening offcuts arrive at the landfills in and around Windhoek? Imagine this as a GIANT heap of leaves, twigs and wood that is 16 metres long, 16 metres high and 16 metres in width. This heap arrives at the landfills each month.

Why should you care? Well, the problem is that not just are the landfills overflowing with organic material, but also that this material went missing somewhere. Namely your garden! Every single twig that grows needs nutrients. These nutrients are “sucked up” from the ground. And now you cut that twig off and throw it away – as you can imagine quite soon our ground is “dead” – no more nutrients inside.

And this is why we spoon-feed our soil with compost (which is mostly imported from South Africa unfortunately – this means there is no cycle, no balance of the nutrients in our ground).

BUT there are good news! The City of Windhoek decided put an end to this by collecting all organic mass and mulching it to use it for the trees and city gardens.

And because they can’t use the material as quickly as it is produced we are trying to help out (to be honest we probably benefit even more from this). We use all this material to make our high quality, eco-friendly compost and vermicompost.

So every time you put a bag of our compost in your garden you know that you are helping us to sustain and balance our local cycle of nutrients in the ground. This way we can really make our local areas more fertile!

Because this system really works great and helps out our locals and our environment a lot, we have BIG PLANS. We are really working towards implementing this system in all major locations all over Namibia (who knows – maybe even the entire continent) to help the people to fertilize their soil better and most importantly more sustainable!

So – now you know EXACTLY how you help out our local environment by using our compost in your garden. You can really tap yourself on the shoulder there – because of you we can make Namibia sustainable!

We really want to make this as convenient as possible for you – here you can read more about how we aim to do that

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