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Our Vision and Plans

How we will save the world and our community

How do we give back to community? How does our compost preserve the environment? Why should you care?

Just imagine a Namibia without all the plastic next to the roads. A Namibia where all rivers are clean and all dams are plastic free. A Namibia in which every community has its own garden where elders can work and children can play. A Namibia where water is well managed. A Namibia that is sustainable, clean, eco-friendly and beautiful.

I know, I know – this seems impossible. This seems more like an unrealistic dream and not like a true goal. BUT, I think we can make it happen. Or at least GreenPlanet Gardening will do it’s best to make it happen!

As you know – the environment and its sustainability is the number one priority to us. This is exactly why we want to use a specific percentage of our income to make sure we help our environment out.

Our vermicompost can transform your soil

Inspecting the product

Initial Steps

At first, we plan on making our production of compost, vermicompost and all other products that might follow in the future carbon neutral. This means we want to produce as much electricity with solar as we would actually need to fuel generators, delivery cars etc. We also work hard on making reducing our water usage to a minimum – our entire production should run on minimal water consumption and our products should help to do the same for every single one of our customers! Plus – the distribution of organic material should be Namibia wide. I mean – landfills in the area of Windhoek are overflowing with organic material whereas other parts of Namibia are so “dead” that literally NOTHING grows there.

We can only really make TRULY green and eco-friendly gardens if our production is green and eco-friendly.

Next Steps

Then, mid-term we plan on supporting community gardens. If we help to build and sustain those gardens many more locals will be able to benefit from this trend. Also, we want to clean up local areas from all non-organic scraps – especially plastics. For the GreenPlanet Gardening products that need plastic as a building material, we want to free our environment from the same amount.

Future Plans

Long term we have some other projects we are thinking about – the expansion into other areas of course, but also maybe building water purification systems, glass recycling systems etc.

This is our vision for now! How realistic this will be and how long it will take – that I don’t know. But what I do know for sure is that every step on that path will be a step in the right direction. And that is why the entire GreenPlanet Gardening team is ready to make that move!

Hopefully you share this vision with us and hopefully you decide to walk this path alongside us!

Our worms – the real heroes!

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